From Root Causes to Answers:

Empowering You with Proven Tools for Lasting Healing

From uncovering the very roots of health challenges to delivering tangible answers, we are here to empower you, equipping you with proven tools that go beyond temporary fixes, ensuring lasting healing for a life of sustained well-being.

Lori Otto

An investigative journalist, life coach and natural medicine advocate, Lori Otto began her journey to reclaim both her and her family’s health after doctors were unable to address her multiple health issues. But her health greatly improved with natural remedies for hypoglycemia, anemia, digestive, respiratory, and skin allergies, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, anxiety, and depression. This piqued her interest in natural medicine, and she quickly discovered the value of anti-parasitic detox, along with gut healing and repair to support optimum nutrition absorption.

Lori today is the proud mother of Asher and Arthur after years of trying to conceive. Her mission is to provide people with hope and healing on their own journeys to better health, which inspired her to create the documentary series, Women’s Health Secrets.

Marilyn Castillo

With over 30 years of teaching experience and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Philanthropy, Marilyn Castillo believes it’s important to do research and understand why things happen. She oversaw a program called Parents Are Teachers, which empowered parents on their rights to ask the proper questions and find the information they require. Marilyn’s personal challenge with her son’s health has fueled her mission. Following an injury, her kid started having 11 to 12 seizures a day when he was two years old. Despite consulting many doctors, none could provide an answer for his condition. This motivated her to uncover root-cause answers to health issues through diverse sources, including holistic health practitioners.

Marilyn now hopes to spread this knowledge and show viewers that they have the right to seek information when they are going through a health recovery process and are unsure of what to do or what questions to ask through her brand new docuseries, Root Cause Answers.
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