Revolutionize the Way We Think and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

A Controversial Breakthrough

A new drug has shaken the world of Alzheimer’s treatment. Lecanemab, a Big Pharma sensation, is set to be a big breakthrough in the fight against this devastating condition. However, despite its FDA approval, scientists remain uncertain about the drug’s efficacy and long-term risks. It’s already exorbitantly expensive but could taking it cost us more than money?

Scientists have been searching for a cure for the degenerative condition for decades. The mainstream medical community has struggled to manage the symptoms alone. It seems inevitable that we will also fall victim to the fatal disease. But what if the solution to Alzheimer’s is simpler, safer, and more natural than we think? 

What if there was an alternative route to treatment through nutrition, detoxification, and the power of nature?

Brain Degeneration and Nutrition’s Role in Alzheimer’s Prevention

According to Dr. Daniel Nuzum, a renowned osteopath and certified natural supplement formulator, nutrition plays a pivotal role in preventing brain degeneration. Brain scans of individuals with Alzheimer’s reveal deficiencies in key nutrients like essential fatty acids, B vitamins, and certain minerals. Without these, the body struggles to fend off common causes of Alzheimer’s.

Inflammation is a common factor in Alzheimer’s-affected brains, often linked to a buildup of heavy metals. Dr. Nuzum suggests that these metal deposits contribute significantly to the formation of amyloid protein deposits. Colloquially known as ‘cell graveyards,’ these deposits only intensify brain cell inflammation.

Heavy metal deposits act as irritants, triggering inflammation in brain cells. The more inflamed a cell, the easier it succumbs to infection, leading to cell death. In response, the body secretes amyloid protein deposits, disrupting recall ability and memory.

Inflammation in the Brain. Photo credit: stockdevil | Getty Images/iStockphoto

Breaking the Vicious Cycle with Nutrition, Detoxification, and the Power of Nature

Our bodies are naturally geared to fight infection. However, without proper nutrition, a vicious cycle unfolds—a buildup of heavy metals, sugar, or glyphosate causes inflammation, which then leads to our bodies fighting that inflammation, which leads to cell death, and then the whole cycle continues. As age advances, the likelihood of brain inflammation increases, coinciding with a rise in Alzheimer’s diagnoses.

But is Alzheimer’s an inevitable part of aging? Research suggests otherwise. Natural options exist to enable the body to heal without resorting to untested drugs. Safe, inexpensive, and proven methods to detoxify the brain and introduce nutrients into the nervous system can make a significant difference.

Cleansing the colon, liver, and kidneys, as well as the lymphatic system, is crucial to eliminating waste and reducing infection. To clear accumulated heavy metal deposits in the brain, selenium, iodine, and magnesium are essential. However, detoxification alone is not enough; supplying the body with the necessary nutrients for self-healing is equally vital. 

In addition to a healthy, balanced diet, Dr. Daniel Nuzum recommends specific herbs to kickstart the system. Green coffee bean extract, containing chlorogenic acid, acts as an antioxidant, protecting brain cells from amyloid protein deposits. Other herbs, such as Rhodiola from Russia and Ashwagandha from India, further enhance memory and protect the brain.

Nature has provided a wealth of medicinal herbs that, when integrated into a comprehensive approach, offer hope in the fight against brain degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease. 

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An investigative journalist, healthy lifestyle coach and natural medicine advocate, Lori Otto began her journey to reclaim both her and her family’s health after doctors were unable to address her multiple health issues. But her health greatly improved with natural remedies for hypoglycemia, anemia, digestive, respiratory, and skin allergies, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, anxiety, and depression. This piqued her interest in natural medicine, and she quickly discovered the value of anti-parasitic detox, along with gut healing and repair to support optimum nutrition absorption.

Lori today is the proud mother of Asher and Arthur after years of trying to conceive. Her mission is to provide people with hope and healing on their own journeys to better health, which inspired her to create the documentary series, Women’s Health Secrets.

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Marilyn now hopes to spread this knowledge and show viewers that they have the right to seek information when they are going through a health recovery process and are unsure of what to do or what questions to ask through her brand new docuseries, Root Cause Answers.